About Us

Who is Vertical Beast?

Owned and operated by Poppie Pippins (she/her) - pole dance addict and instructor and occasional performer and competitor.    Vertical Beast offers small, limited collections.

What is your mission?

  • To be a diverse and inclusive brand 
  • Offer clothing that can appeal to the sexy, powerful or lyrical/contemporary performing artist
  • Flatter various shapes and sizes
  • Be represented by a variety of people (shapes, sizes, colors, sexual orientation, and genders or lack thereof)
  • For performing artists to feel included in the brand and for them to find something to wear that makes them feel good about themselves

What is your style?

Vertical Beast strives to provide fun, flattering, sexy, and functional active wear for the slim to curvy performing artist. We want our customers to be confident and comfortable when practicing or performing.

Our shorts will always provide appropriate crotch coverage for splits, straddles, and spreadies and varying booty coverage to accommodate our sexy and modest customers.  Our sports bras will always be supportive and stylish.

Our styles are designed for performing artists to excel in their passion. 

Where is Vertical Beast made?

Proudly in the USA.  We source fabric that is chlorine and salt water resistant fabric from vendors based in the USA.